August 16, 2012

BodyMedia is a revolutionary company that created the BodyMedia FIT system, a program that gives consumers highly accurate information on activity, calories and sleep patterns. 

With a recommendation from A+L Marketing, who has partnered successfully with JHE for more than ten years, BodyMedia engaged JHE Production Group in need of a solution.

They wanted an interactive “kiosk” that would showcase its history and specifically the evolution of BodyMedia FIT, an on-body monitoring system that consists of the BodyMedia FIT armband monitor, online activity manager, and free downloadable apps for mobile device users.  The kiosk contained six, clear cylinder displays that featured the six variations of the product since its inception.

So JHE’s creative department went to work. The team sketched multiple kiosk options in numerous sizes.

The client and JHE made several tweaks to narrow down the design to an approved rendition. Once approved, JHE constructed the kiosks in house and soon after, they debuted at the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show. 

Take a look at JHE’s creative department’s extraordinary work …