December 11, 2012

Since 2004, SPEED has partnered with JHE to execute its experiential activation program at all 38 NASCAR events a year, making SPEED one of only two displays fans can visit at the track every week (the other is JHE partner and series sponsor Sprint).  Over the past eight years, the program has evolved and continues to deliver the most entertaining NASCAR experience possible.

The SPEED stage made its debut in February 2004 at Daytona International Speedway with only one stage for their Trackside Live show.Today, the SPEED footprint at-track has grown exponentially, featuring a 40-foot by 25-foot triple fold out platform that is the home to seven live shows every weekend. An estimated 500,000 fans visit the SPEED display over the course of every NASCAR season.

JHE has implemented innovative additions to the SPEED display throughout the years, including:

  • August 2004: SPEED added a 125-kilowatt generator to power all shows and reduce dependence on outsourced power.

  • February 2005: JHE produced the SPEED Mobile Theater, an interactive entertainment display on 18 wheels. SPEED also began filming two live shows at each race venue.

  • February 2006: JHE created two custom-built stages for the five shows now recorded live at-track.

  • March 2006: SPEED increased fan engagement by debuting an oversized outdoor screen, affectionately nicknamed “Norma,” for at-track fan viewing.

  • February 2007: SPEED began recording seven shows live at-track. The SPEED Tower and Fanzone Stage in Daytona’s infield also made a debut.

  • February 2008: JHE designed a high-definition outdoor screen that was mounted to its own truck, making it easier to maneuver. 

  • February 2009: JHE created a marketing runway from the stage which enabled the SPEED Road Tour Team to interact with patrons during commercial breaks without interfering with the SPEED on-air talent.

  • February 2010: The SPEED at-track footprint increased to 120 feet x 120 feet with a more well-defined entrance to easily immerse fans into the SPEED experience.

  • 2011: SPEED utilized the marketing trailer for a racing enthusiast tour that traveled to motorsports, monster trucks and super cross events to increase brand engagement.

  • 2012: SPEED returned to a classic style stage with a 40 foot x 25 foot triple fold-out platform.

2013 will be another year of exciting evolutions for SPEED. Stay tuned!

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