December 12, 2012

JHE has partnered with SPEED since 2004, helping the FOX Sports racing arm grow its at-track presence for NASCAR programming and marketing initiatives.

SPEED activates at 38 NASCAR races a year giving fans a chance to be part of the live shows that offer up-to-date motor sports news throughout the race weekend. SPEED Road Tour Team members, like Heather DeBeaux, make sure fans have the absolute best experience when interacting with “The Motor Sports Authority.”

In her fourth season with SPEED, DeBeaux encourages fans to stop by the stage for live shows and teaches them what to do when SPEED is live on TV. She plays music to pump up the crowd and helps NASCAR buffs make signs so their family members can see them easier at home. When she isn’t getting fans ready for a live show, she is promoting autograph sessions, handing out SPEED t-shirts and koozies and playing trivia with fans.

DeBeaux has become a well-recognized face at the track, knowing many of the consumers by first name. Fans stop by just to say hi and some even bring gifts, like platters of home-made cookies.

“Once consumers stop by the SPEED stage, they become instant fans and a part of the family,” says Heather. “Fans become friends with our tour members, the hosts and the JHE staff.”

The experience fans encounter during the weekend begins on Wednesday with the experienced JHE crew setting up the stage; while the SPEED team arrives on Thursday to set up cameras and lighting for the live shows. DeBeaux and her team arrive on Friday to set up their marketing materials and get ready for the crowds to arrive.

“If it’s your first time at a NASCAR track, the atmosphere will probably be something you have never experienced before,” DeBeux states. “It is very high energy and very loud. It’s on a whole different level than a football game.”

As a veteran of the SPEED Road Tour Team, Heather has had the chance to get to know the JHE staff and describes the set designs as “eye-catching, sharp and professional.”

“The JHE staff is the hardest working group of guys,” she says. “They are always willing to step in and help even if it is something they aren’t responsible for. Jay Howard is the nicest guy at the track and always knows everyone by their first name.”

With so much to see and do before the actual race, it’s hard to see everything. But DeBeux recommends anyone who hasn’t visited the SPEED stage stops by. “It’s unlike any other experience. You will become an instant fan.”

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