November 23, 2015

A native of Brazil, Luiz Bacellar has been a member of the JHE family for more than two years. As a logistics coordinator in the transportation department, Senior Director Terry Hodges describes Bacellar as “dedicated, responsible and passionate. Luiz is always willing to help others and truly enjoys the hard work that leads to the finished product.”

Bacellar was an account and sales manager at DHL prior to joining JHE. For the driver with more than 14 years of experience, his favorite pastime is reading. Can you guess his favorite sport?

Q&A with Luiz:

  • What is the accomplishment at JHE you are most proud of? As a child in Brazil, I grew up watching F1 racing. So when I had a chance to visit Indianapolis to see IndyCar, I was thrilled. The racing is so competitive.
  • What is your best memory at JHE so far? Attending my first IndyCar race at St. Petersburg.
  • What is the biggest myth about your job? We get to watch the events.
  • What is the best part of working at JHE? The people
  • What is your personal definition of success? Being happy.

What don’t you know about Luiz?

  • My ultimate stress reliever is… Wine, it’s good for your body and soul.
  • My favorite sport is (and why?)… Soccer … I’m from Brazil.
  • My favorite way to spend time… read.
  • My favorite vacation yet …  England to watch a live EPL game
  • My favorite movie is… Snatch
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