January 02, 2013

JHE Production Group possesses a reputation for exceeding expectations, so when the Professional Bull Riders Association needed a truck designed specifically for handling its timing, scoring and JumboTron production, it turned to the North Carolina-based company.

For Jacob Meadows, it was a project tailor-made for the recording arts degree recipient who designed the truck to accommodate the PBR office as well as the editor for the TV and the organization’s big screen.

“All of those things, other than the big screen, are directly tied to TV, so it’s basically a TV truck that we’re providing with some extra space,” Meadows said.

Designing the truck for the PBR wasn’t the first time Meadows had tackled such a project. He also designed the truck for IndyCar’s big screen production. However, when he constructed the PBR truck he had just 22 days in which to complete the project and a mere three days in which to wire it due to the tight schedule and the multiple vendors that were involved.

For the 2011 world finals in Las Vegas, PBR decided it wanted a four-sided big screen that was just 20 feet shorter than the 159-by-71-foot HDTV in the new Dallas Cowboys’ stadium. Meadows made it happen and the PBR was so pleased that it decided it wanted the four-sided screen to accompany the tour.

“One of the most unique things about the truck is that it is designed for big screen productions,” Meadows said. “It’s a mobile unit, but it’s specifically designed with special gear for feeding a JumboTron program as opposed to TV.”

In addition to the exclusive truck, Meadows also traveled with the program. With his experience, the PBR had an engineer on-site that resulted in any electronic problems being handled immediately which translated into time and money saved for the client.

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