People First

  • 30 Years Volunteering

  • 1,800 Volunteer Hours in the last 5 years

  • $260,000 raised for charity

CSM Production's "people first" approach has built a unique culture founded on hard work, an unrelenting commitment to excellence and over- delivering on each client’s vision. To its partners, the CSM team is known for a make-it-happen mindset, its charitable endeavors,  integrity, candor, motivation, innovation and reliability.

Working closely as a team in various high-pressure, high-deliverable environments, makes CSM Production more like a family … one that stands  together in good and bad times.

Beginning in 2011, the CSM Production family rallied together to create Golfing 4 Good, a funded annual golf tournament that benefits members of the CSM Production family and local community who are dealing with adversity in their life. Fast forward seven years, the annual event has raised $260,000 since its inception.

That same year, the CSM Production family chose to celebrate its 25th anniversary by giving back to the community with “25 Days of Service.” The award-winning event experience company commemorated its silver anniversary by donating more than 585 hours to deserving nonprofit organizations.