November 03, 2014

JHE’s senior manager of corporate events Ash Munro has traveled by car all across the country. One of the newest members of the team, Munro loves visiting different places across the U.S. for both work and fun.

Since joining JHE, Munro has headed the effort to transfer equipment, shelving and inventory tracking software into the warehouse in addition to managing the execution of numerous multi-day, multi-function corporate events. With more than 25 years of experience in the live events industry he has more than enough opportunity to see his fair share of our country which is why we asked him to share a few of his must-see places:

  • What’s your favorite city to travel to? For fun, I have been enjoying Nashville lately. It’s close enough to get to for a long weekend, the food is good and the music is free. For work, all of the hotel ballrooms look the same making it hard to pick a favorite. Hands down, my favorite city is the one without buildings other than maybe a bathhouse and visitor center. We car camped 8,000 miles around the country for our honeymoon hitting close to a dozen national parks, visiting Canada, wading in the Pacific and getting up to our knees in Mexican mud in the Rio Grande (it wasn’t so grand nor a river).



  • What’s the best hidden gem you have found? I haven’t found it yet. There are some pretty awesome places out there; put down the map every so often and just drive. You just might find a gem when you least expect it. Or roll the dice on the unassuming Mexican restaurant in the corner of the strip shopping center. You just might discover your molcajete, some odd combination of every meat in the restaurant buried under a pound of cheese.


  • What’s your best travel memory so far? Making camp in Yosemite with my best friend, breaking campy with my new girlfriend who’s now my wife. John Muir was right; a little time in nature makes everything better.


  • What’s your typical purpose for travel? Roughly 50/50 on family trips vs. business trips. We have two young boys so our family travel is geared toward keeping them entertained while introducing them to as much of the country as we can. Work travel is usually a pretty hectic schedule from load-in to load-out and normally within driving distance. We’re usually in a downtown hotel or corporate office park on these visits so I get to see a completely different side of the city from a family visit.
  • What is your favorite travel blog or Twitter handle? TV Food Maps. I don’t leave home without it. It has led me to three awesome meals in Carmel, Indiana, of all places. And houseman has never steered me wrong; A’a the Towel Buggy Guy in Kapolei, Hawaii, pointed us to Fumi’s Kahuku Shrimp shack where they served from the shrimp farm out back.

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