April 05, 2016

With five races on the docket for year two of NASCAR Acceleration Nation, JHE introduced new elements for the interactive learning and entertainment center created for children 8-12 years old. 

The program’s objective is to teach kids the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in a fun and relevant way.

Combining NASCAR and science, the program is a mixture of educational activities that deliver two goals: converting kids to lifelong NASCAR fans and teaching them STEM essentials.

Under the umbrella of a 6,400-square-foot display, JHE custom designed and built numerous undertakings just for children.

The first of many engagement areas within NASCAR Acceleration Nation is the track banking display. Here, children can learn about and see firsthand the various degrees of banking at Bristol Motor Speedway, Darlington Raceway and Richmond International Speedway as well as adjust the banking to feature the current track.

Located in the center is a full-size race car with detailed 3D imagery. One side of the car is transparent so children can see inside and identify various internal parts of the car with easy-to-understand descriptions. Of course, one of the highlights is children can sit in the car to have their photo taken.

Another touchpoint is the pit box, equipped with three televisions that showcase updated statistics and a tire-changing station with small impact guns designed especially for children.

Near the back of the display, three activity zones exist. On the right side, children can color and assemble paper cars which make for a great takeaway.

On the left, NASCAR has created a miniature race track where children can build a race car and test it on the track. The activity is set up to demonstrate drafting, drag and downforce, common challenges experienced on a real race track. In the center, children have an exclusive area for driver question-and-answer sessions. Also, one game resembles a Wii game whereby children can design a helmet or race car through virtual movement and imagery selection.

For NASCAR Acceleration Nation, success is defined by the quality of experience and number of children who participate in the various activities.

With a custom-wrapped trailer delivering this child-size experience to the race track, four JHE employees led by Paul Nolasco will manage the multi-track experience in 2016. The first tour stop began in Daytona on Feb. 18. 

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