January 02, 2013

I recently had an opportunity to shadow JHE during NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week in Las Vegas and see the team in action. What an incredible team whose work is unlike anything I have seen before, and the teamwork is inspiring.

I arrived on the scene at Fanfest Presented by Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Freemont Street first thing in the morning on Wednesday. The JHE team had already loaded in, set up the stage and were busy at work assembling the stage accessories, checking the sound and preparing for the drivers arrival. Once the students and drivers arrived to participate in the “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” challenge, JHE was ready to shine. Each person had a designated role and knew exactly what needed to be done. Orchestrated with an efficiency and calm demeanor, JHE adjusted with grace as the drivers and students went off script. After the event, the break down was equally as smooth with each team member working to get the stage broken down and loaded into the truck as quickly as possible.

After the Las Vegas Motor Speedway event was over, I made my way over to NASCAR After The Lap rehearsals. The auditorium had already been transformed by the JHE team with bright lights, fireworks, music … the works. For the final walk through of the night, ESPN reporter, Jamie Little, the host for NATL stopped by to walk through the JHE drafted script. The team took her through the entire night as she practiced what would happen. On show day, the team rehearsed again making sure everything was set and timed perfectly. Minutes before the show started, watches were synced and everyone got into place to welcome the clients and drivers backstage.

The unpredictable and unedited format to the show was no challenge for the JHE team. The drivers went off script, walked backstage and exited on the wrong side of the stage but the team rolled with it and adjusted, never giving away that there was a hiccup in the plan. The group ran around backstage, communicating via headsets and maneuvering props to ensure the show went off without a hitch.

Seeing JHE in action reaffirmed how impressive the work is that the company produces. I was also struck by the genuine collaboration. The team that is frequently described as a family is truly that – in constant communication and sync when it’s time to work and enjoying their successes together after the event.

I was so impressed by JHE and feel very lucky to be a part of their team!

– Samie Roberts, JHE Account Manager at ASPIRE Communications & Marketing Inc.

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