August 07, 2015

JHE’s "people first" approach has built a unique culture founded on hard work, an unrelenting commitment to excellence and over-delivering on each client’s vision. To our partners, the JHE team is known for a make-it-happen mindset, its charitable endeavors, integrity, candor, motivation, innovation and reliability.

JHE President Jay Howard is passionate about putting people first and promoting our unique culture. Thus why we chose to highlight a personal side of the team as the last month of summer is celebrated. So, we took to the aisles of JHE and asked employees several summer-related questions.

The first up is an easy one. What’s your all-time favorite summer movie?

Jamie Fair, a logistics manager on the transportation team, quickly answered with “Grumpy Old Men.” He actually likes watching this movie all year, but it has a great fishing scene during the summer that he especially enjoyed.

The 1985 classic “Summer Rental” featured John Candy as Jack Chester, an air traffic controller that takes his family to the beach, and it quickly takes a turn for the worst. This topped the list for JHE’s Paul Nolasco, CrossFit fanatic and an experiential activation touring manager.

Michael Ann Gosby, JHE’s quintessential travel guru, immediately recalled the 2005 film starring Ice Cube, “Are We There Yet?”

However, the one that tops them all was chosen by Ann Nestor, senior manager of client services … “National Lampoon’s Vacation.” Ann claims that her dad is 100 percent Clark Griswold and was happy to share a photo to let you decide for yourself. 

“There are so many times throughout the movie where my sister and I can say, ‘That is so Dad.’ We actually started calling him Clark on a trip to the Virgin Islands in 1999, when he made us walk a mile through the woods to tour historic sugar plantation ruins, and then walked even further across a rocky beach where he made us snorkel through thousands of jellyfish. He even used to dress like Clark – short shorts, polos and big glasses.”

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