March 25, 2015

In our newest series, we will explore each of JHE’s 16 in-house capabilities and how JHE utilizes these skills to make its clients’ visions a reality.

The importance of lighting at an event is often underestimated. But as experts, we understand the power lighting has on every event’s ambiance, mood, depth, décor and visibility. From large productions to smaller corporate events, JHE’s in-house experts know how to design and implement a lighting package that will create the ideal atmosphere. We maintain a large inventory of conventional and intelligent lighting fixtures, along with controllers, dimming, and the truss, chain hoists and lifts to support each fixture.

Setting the atmosphere and creating a dramatic first impression is vital. Utilizing the right lighting can do just that: allow your event to shine. Colors, textures, movement, and the quality of light are just some of the tools our designers can alter to make your vision a reality with the push of a button.

For corporate clients, meetings today are so much more than PowerPoint presentations. Lighting allows clients to showcase their creativity to motivate employees or clients while maintaining the functional lighting to keep the focus on the presenters and message.

When it comes to live shows and special events, lighting is just as important. By creating the right lighting plan, it is possible to direct a large crowd’s attention to a specific area, making them a part of the show. An integral part of designing for these larger shows includes providing adequate power distribution while reducing consumption through the use of energy-efficient LED fixtures, when possible. JHE’s capabilities allow the team to satisfy the need of any corporate client as well as any rider for nationally recognized musical performers.

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