December 13, 2013

Meet John Basso, the new senior manager of client services for Sprint. His responsibilities include managing The Sprint Unlimited Experience display, maintaining the partner relationship and assisting in the design of next year’s display. Prior to joining the JHE family in August 2013, Basso worked in operations at ESPN and the Charlotte Bobcats. Basso sat down to tell us how ESPN prepared him for his new role at JHE…

Before joining the JHE family, I worked as an operations producer at ESPN. I have a passion for broadcast and being a part of something relative and mainstream in today’s society of entertainment was very fulfilling. One of the coolest aspects of the job was the sense of accomplishment I always felt at the end of every show.

One of my best memories was working with the same crew on SEC football coverage for four seasons. The friendships and the level of professionalism surrounding my time on that team are filled with moments I will never forget. I also had the opportunity to work as the lead operational contact for NCAA Lacrosse and act as the main liaison on an NCAA Championship event, major basketball tournaments and college football games. I even had the opportunity to run events in Hawaii and Mexico.

I also will never forget watching my 18-month-old son playing catch with former Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware who was the announcer during the football season.

Though the job sounds like it had a lot of perks (and it did), one of the biggest myths was that I got to watch so many great sporting events. Most of the time, I had to ask what the score was at the end of the game!

One of the most frequent questions I get about working at ESPN is how I got my start there, and I always tell everyone the same thing – networking. It is so important to maintain relationships. Those will in turn lead to opportunities by those who believe in you.

My responsibilities at ESPN included equipment setup, facility oversight, television compound management, client relationships and supervising the on-site remote broadcast crew for live sporting events across all ESPN networks. The scope of everything I did at ESPN is difficult to measure in words, but it was an opportunity that I know I am extremely lucky to have experienced.

I also know the opportunity helped me grow and provided a strong backbone for my career moving forward. The work prepared me for my career at JHE by building management skills in a high profile environment. The JHE family is known for their outstanding service and “whatever it takes” mentality. Coming from an environment of high standards helps me maintain the quality JHE is known for and allows me to help build the future of JHE.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

– John Basso

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