April 23, 2014

It all began with a challenge from a paper company in 2004 to create a networking opportunity for NASCAR’s partners. Since then, the NASCAR Fuel for Business Council has evolved into a full-day award winning platform that’s been called “one of the best assets in professional sports” by The Wall Street Journal. And JHE is proud to have been a part of bringing this vision to life since 2009.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the NASCAR Fuel for Business Council continues to be devoted to its mission: “Foster B2B development among NASCAR Official Partners with a goal of greater ROI for all.” The quarterly meetings bring together the sport’s official partners to share best practices, discover insights and create connections in an exclusive, invite-only setting. In exchange, the participating members are committed to working with each other to identify potential business-to-business opportunities.

When the council first began, each meeting welcomed about half as many attendees as it does today. It also looked a lot different; the team was set up in a hotel conference room with a PowerPoint presentation that was manually flipped.

Today, the meetings are elaborate productions that draw about 100 executives from some of the most recognizable Fortune 500 companies nationwide, including Coca-Cola, Ford and Hewlett-Packard. The full-day meetings include guest speakers, best practice discussions and “speed meetings.” The “speed meetings,” one-on-one private discussions between brands to discuss potential business opportunities, are often the highlight of the day.

Since its founding, NASCAR Fuel for Business Council has facilitated millions of dollars in annual revenue and savings to Official NASCAR Partners.

“The NASCAR Fuel For Business Council helps our official partners grow their businesses by providing them a return on their investment in the sport,” said Norris Scott, NASCAR vice president of partnership marketing. “We facilitate these council meetings, so official partners can not only buy and sell each other’s products, but partner around activation also.”

For the 10th anniversary, NASCAR chose Las Vegas, San Francisco, Detroit and Miami as meeting locations. JHE was enlisted to create a new stage and signage to travel to all four meetings that matches the celebratory tone. The meeting in Detroit will be slightly different as its NASCAR’s first time meeting outside of a hotel and also its first time in the city. JHE will bring the vision to life organically in the Henry Ford Museum.

NASCAR relies on JHE because the team consists of collaborative, hard workers who make the impossible happen. The NASCAR team describes JHE as dedicated to their mission of “your vision, our passion.”

JHE is proud to have been a part of evolving this program and looks forward to continuing to bring one of NASCAR’s most important assets to life for its 10th anniversary and beyond.

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