October 22, 2014

Always on the cutting edge of technology, JHE frequently utilizes high-resolution digital screens to deliver a client’s vision. To better service its creative, forward-thinking clients, the event experience company recently expanded its inventory by adding 64 Absen A7 tiles.

The high-resolution tiles are each 64x64 pixels which create a 7mm screen, 2mm better resolution than the screens JHE currently uses on the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race opening ceremonies stage. Producing a crystal clear image, the screen can be set up for an inside or outside activation. Weighing in at only 11 pounds apiece, the screen is easy to transport, and assemble on-site. Additionally, the tiles can be combined in a number of different combinations to fit the event need and space.

JHE recently showcased the new tiles at a Hewlett-Packard (HP) activation at Iowa Speedway. To construct the social wall, JHE used 56 of the tiles with a 14 tile wide and 4 tile tall configuration that resulted in a 23-foot wide and more than 6-foot tall focal point. HP used the screen to track #NASCARIowa tweets and interact with fans socially at the track.

The use of the Absen A7 tiles will enable JHE to offer clients high picture quality for custom projects, such as experiential activations, concerts or TV shoots, with an ease of installation.

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