April 23, 2014

Since 2003, Ryan Baxter has been a valued member of the JHE family. Serving as chief operating officer, Baxter is responsible for strategic planning, oversight of the staff, staff development and business growth. During his 10 years at JHE, he has also held roles as vice president and general manager, vice president of production/operations and director of events.

Prior to joining JHE, Baxter worked in the athletic facilities and game operations departments at Wofford College and Marshall University. The West Virginia-native graduated with a Master of Science in athletic administration and received his Bachelor of Science in Sports Management and Marketing from Marshall University.

He currently lives in Huntersville, N.C., with his wife, Krisha, and children, Austin and Sydney.

Q&A with Baxter:

  • What is the best lesson from college that still applies to your job? You have to work hard to get what you want.
  • What is the best career advice you ever received? Worry about what you can control.
  • What is the most important lesson you’ve learned at JHE? Patience and versatility.
  • What’s your secret to success? Being a team player and doing whatever needs to be done to accomplish the end goal.
  • How did you help bring the IndyCar business back to JHE? I used to oversee the IndyCar program and created a relationship with Joe Hodge, director of event marketing at IndyCar. Even when we weren’t working with the series, I kept in touch with Joe. When the opportunity arose, he reached out to us and the rest is history.
  • What are you most looking forward to as IndyCar becomes a JHE partner again? It gives JHE an opportunity to continue to expand its opening ceremonies arm of the business. The partnership is also an opportunity to expand our relationships with tracks we don’t usually work with.

Six things you might not know about Baxter…

  • I’m inspired by… my father.
  • My biggest pet peeve is… when people are late.
  • My family is… the most important part of my life.
  • I spend my weekends… typically hanging out with my family.
  • My favorite sport is… baseball; I love everything that goes into it.
  • My favorite quote is… “Our strength as a whole is better than the sum of all our parts.” It’s something a former coach of mine use to say that emphasized it takes a team to win not just the play of individuals.

To keep up with Baxter, follow him on Twitter @RBax13.

Ryan Baxter, IndyCar