June 06, 2017

LeadDog Marketing is known for creating, marketing and activating one-of-a-kind brand experiences for a multitude of clients including global nonprofits like UNICEF. 

Earlier this year, UNICEF approached LeadDog to design a three-city tour to promote UNICEF Kid Power. As a member of the CSM family, LeadDog enlisted the production team for support in the experiential tour.

UNICEF Kid Power is a growing movement of kids and families activating their inner heroes to end global malnutrition. With a UNICEF Kid Power App or Band, kids transform their activity into lifesaving nutrition that UNICEF delivers to severely malnourished children around the world.

Here’s how UNICEF Kid Power works: As kids get active, they earn points for their activity as they go on Missions to unlock lifesaving Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food packets. The more kids move, the more points they earn and the more lives they save. 

To date, more than 200,000 people have joined the UNICEF Kid Power team. By running, jumping, playing and getting active, these inspired Americans have unlocked more than 6.4 million packets of protein and vitamin-rich Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food packets -- enough to provide a full course of lifesaving nutrition for more than 40,000 children in countries around the globe. 

To team up with UNICEF Kid Power in person, events took place in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago throughout May. 

LeadDog and CSM Production created a family-festival atmosphere with multiple interactive areas, designed the “Target Crazy Maze” and more. Here’s a quick look at the programming at the three events:

  • UNICEF Kid Power Band demonstration area
  • Constructed activity stations including the Target Crazy Maze, Scavenger Hunt to Save Lives incorporating RUTF packets, and You’ve Got the Whole World in Your Hands incorporating UNICEF-supported countries
  • Star Wars Activity Station featuring photo booth and data capture with real-life R2D2
  • Interactive stage programming including exclusive UNICEF Kid Power Dance, Kid Power yoga, Simon Says and Hula Hoop Parties
  • Step and repeat for interviews

CSM Production’s role entailed maze creation, audio/video management, stage construction and signage, transportation and onsite production.   

The three free events saw engagement with almost 3,000 kids and families, capturing data for over 1,000 attendees through online RSVP’s, photo booth and onsite Kid Power Band giveaways. It was also a unique opportunity for UNICEF to provide local touchpoints with existing donors and volunteers, reaching over 100,000 national database registrants in the three markets.

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