October 27, 2017

In May of this year, CSM Production’s Clay Kincaid celebrated his first anniversary with the event production company. When arriving at CSM, the North Carolina native had a get-it-done attitude that resonated with the team and recently transferred that drive and passion to the corporate production team.

He and a friend also started a social dialogue around the great attributes of the Carolinas while making time to visit his favorite city of Charleston, despite a demanding schedule.

So, how did Clay respond to this month’s 10 questions?

What makes CSM different from other places you’ve been employed?

Coming from a very traditional production background, the team at CSM has a diverse set of skills, some that come from backgrounds outside of traditional production. The specialties of each department here create the opportunity to learn something every day from co-workers. All of this means what we offer clients is really unique.

You and a friend started Carolinnials, a social stream populated by millennials who explore the Carolinas. Why did you start this and what do you hope to accomplish?

Social media is saturated with accounts promoting travel to places all over the world. As two millennials starting careers, we know, jet setting around the world isn’t something most can do regularly. The Carolinas are full of places that make for great weekend getaways and they are usually just a few hours down the road. We felt like if people knew more about the amazing places right here at home they would go on vacation more often. We hope CAROLINNIALS becomes a resource people use to plan their getaways here in the Carolinas and inspire them to explore everything North and South Carolina have to offer. There is a saying we like, “Live the kind of life you don’t need a vacation from.” That pretty much sums up what being a CAROLINNIAL is all about. www.carolinnials.com. Follow us @carolinnials

Based on your posts, you love the water. What makes that your happy place?

Being near the water is refreshing to me. I love most bodies of water but the beach is definitely my favorite. It’s a place where I can block out the things that I don’t want to think about and concentrate on things I do. I’m usually very introspective at the beach. I do remember sitting on the beach last summer and watching a blind man walking down the beach. I realized that he was enjoying being there as much as anyone else. Seeing the beach is only one part of the experience. You hear the waves rolling in, smell the salty air, feel the breeze in your hair and the sand between your toes. What’s not to love?

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Inconsiderate drivers. Slow Internet. When simple things are complicated. (you did say top 3 pet peeves, right?)

You were born and raised in Hickory, North Carolina. What’s the one thing that people don’t know about your hometown.

Other than where it is?... kidding (but seriously). Fun Fact. There is an abandoned mill town that was used for on-location filming as District 12 in the Hunger Games. Everyone was mad about it at the time because they took privacy and security very seriously. No one assumed that a movie like the Hunger Games was being filmed in Hickory, NC. Now no one seems to mind. You can even go visit the mill town. Some of the sets they built are still there.

What’s the first job you ever had? Did you like it? Why or why not?

Working for my Dad when he imported and distributed in North America for a German motorcycle apparel company. I spent most days taking orders, packing and receiving shipments in his warehouse. I did like it. Working for family is challenging but I think it also helps you learn to take ownership over the work you do. That experience taught me to be invested in my work, no matter who I am working for.

You recently moved to the special events team. How is it different than your prior position?

It’s less physically demanding, but it is way more mentally demanding. I get to give input and be involved with more projects on a creative level which I actually really like. It’s rewarding and I like being challenged, otherwise I tend to get bored.

 What challenges do you anticipate? Passing tasks off to other people. I find it challenging to ask someone else to do something I know how to do.

What’s your favorite place to travel?

Charleston, SC. Hands down. Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you the same. If they say something different, they don’t really know me.

After joining CSM Production May 16, 2016, what excites you the most about the future?

When I started at CSM Production, I was excited about the new opportunities and projects I would be working on. It seems like there is always a project on the horizon that is really cool and exciting. Then by the time that project wraps up, there is another one in cue to top it. That’s exciting. The global reach of CSM tells me to prepare to be surprised and be ready to stretch myself.

What question should we ask the next 10 questions participant?

If you could live anywhere in the world. Where would it be?


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