October 10, 2012

Sometimes the most complicated and elaborate productions come from very humble beginnings.

Take the annual NASCAR Sprint Pit Crew Challenge. Housed in Charlotte’s Time Warner Cable Arena, the May competition rewards the top crewman at each over-the-wall position as well as the quickest overall team. The televised production consumes six hours, counting the seeding rounds, and is attended by at least 6,000 people.

The long-running UNOCAL 76 Pit Crew Competition at Rockingham ended after the 2003 season, leaving the Sprint Cup team’s crew members without a competition to show off their expertise. To replace the competition, NASCAR and JHE president and founder Jay Howard worked together to create the current competition which made its debut in 2005.

Serving as the only NASCAR sanctioned indoor event, today’s format features two lanes down the center of the arena floor with four stationary cars located on the outside of each lane. Each over-the-wall crew member must perform his duty at the proper station, then run to his team’s car located at the top of the lane and help push it down and across the finish line. NASCAR officials then inspect each crew member’s performance to determine if any penalties should be assessed. The team with the quickest time wins the round and advances in the single elimination event.

JHE produces the entire NASCAR Sprint Pit Crew Challenge, a project that involves all of the company’s 85 employees. Production of the event includes competition format, marketing and promotions, ticketing, arena entertainment, as well as timing and scoring.

NASCAR Sprint Pit Crew Challenge