October 27, 2017

Since April 2017, CSM Production has had the great privilege of working with Caroline Calouche and Caroline Calouche & Co. (CC&Co.). 

As Charlotte’s only aerial and contemporary dance company and school, CC&Co. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring people of diverse backgrounds to explore beyond their boundaries through performance and education. The company is reveling in its 12th season and is a resident company of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.

As the artistic and executive director, Calouche has created more than 100 dance works that range from evening length shows to shorter works performed by CC&Co. and other dance and university programs.  Dancing since an early age, the Gastonia native believes in continuous learning and experiencing the world will help not only develop you as an artist but as a person too.

We wanted to learn more about this superstar who also juggles the Charlotte Dance Festival and life with a 13-year-old American bulldog named Tankina. We took a few minutes of time to explore further.

Q&A with Caroline

  • What is the accomplishment you are most proud of?  Gathering extremely dedicated dancers who are invested in breaking new ground with me in dance and cirque.
  • What is the insider secret to your job?  Dancing on the floor is harder than dancing in the air.
  • What is the best part of your job?  Having the ability to improve someone’s day or even life through a class or a show.
  • What has most impressed you about CSM Production?  They are prompt in replying to my questions and went outside of their wheelhouse to create a unique artistic experience for the Charlotte community with me.
  • What is your best tip for success?  Always be watching and listening to be ready and open to connect.

Things people may not know about Caroline

  • On my iPod playlist right now is … Janet Jackson – always thought she was better than her brother.
  • My biggest pet peeve is … negativity.
  • My favorite sport is … tennis. I enjoy playing (when I can and not good anymore) and watching tennis.  The players are such great athletes and they have to use their mind extremely to be victorious. I would love to attend the U.S. Open one day.
  • I don’t leave home without … my cell phone, a pocket knife, sharpie and wallet of course.
  • My favorite vacation yet … Belize. Belize has the beach, islands, mountains and rainforest.   There is so many adventures and the people are so nice. 
  • My favorite quote is … “When you do not have a playground to play in, create your own.”  Twyla Tharp (probably not verbatim from her book but the essence)
  • The best concert I’ve ever seen is …  Delta Rae - Besides their great musical sound and lyrics, between songs they would talk about how they created the song and the fact that they almost gave up.  Being an artist myself, it was great to see them speak honestly about their struggles and how they overcame them.  Before that night, I had never heard of them.  My husband and I got free tickets from his brother.  It was one of those moments in time when you take a chance on something you don’t know that turns out to be amazing.
  • Anything else interesting people should know about you?  A year after college, I hopped off a plane in Rome, Italy without knowing anyone there really and lived there for almost a year before moving to Brussels and then to Salzburg.  Can I be resourceful?  Can I survive?  Obviously, I did and made great friends who I keep in touch with. In Rome, I also took a small hiatus from dancing.  Found that it was a part of me and have never taken another hiatus. 

Connect with Caroline Calouche & Co. on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/carolinecalouche.  

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