October 21, 2014

For the past seven years, Kristin Thompson has been a valued member of the JHE family. The senior manager of client services has worked on a variety of events during her tenure at the event production company including NASCAR Summit, IZOD’s Masters hospitality house, NASCAR Garage Bar & Grill and a variety of opening ceremony productions. With the job comes frequent travel so the South Carolina-native shared her best travel tips:

  • What’s your favorite city to travel to? For work, it is a toss-up between Chicago, New York and San Francisco/Sonoma; each is so different but equally as amazing! For fun, I love traveling to Myrtle Beach, because it’s super close to my hometown of Conway, South Carolina, so I get to see my family and friends while spending some time working on my tan.

  • What’s your favorite eatery on the road? While it is not known for its cuisine, Conway is home to the Rivertown Bistro. The spring rolls will change your life – seriously. Plan on going with an appetite for amazing southern food and an empty stomach… and room for lots of wine.

  • What’s the best hidden gem you have found? Hands down the best hidden gem I’ve been to is Bumstead’s Pub in Myrtle Beach. I make a point to spend some quality time there every time I go home.

  • What’s your best travel memory so far? It has to be a team dinner at RPM Italian in Chicago. Giuliana and Bill were there… life made! Oh, and the food was delicious, obviously.

  • What’s your typical purpose for travel? For 99 percent of my travel, it’s work driven. For the most part, time spent in these cities is at an event working long hours. But on the rare occasion I get to go out and explore, I try to make the most of it.
  • What is your favorite travel blog or Twitter handle? I follow a lot of chefs since eating is pretty much my favorite thing to do. They have a lot of great insight on what to do (and eat) in the cities I travel to week to week.

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