Mobile Tours

Creating Consumer Engagement Opportunities

In today’s digital world, the physical user experience is more important than ever before. A recent study by the Event Marketing Institute identified that 58 percent of consumers purchased a product and 86 percent became a regular customer after experiencing and interacting with the a company in the field.

According to Fast Company, "experience is the future of marketing" which is where JHE shines. The company specializes in providing full-service, mobile tours tailored to each organization's needs and specifications to showcase its products and services. JHE is able to create unique experiences for each partner, helping to generate new loyal customers and increasing brand recognition which ultimately drives sales.

JHE has extensive experience working with some of the most recognizable names, including Fox Sports 1, Sprint, Ford, Aaron’s and Lowe’s.

JHE also delivers technology-savvy programs that are interactive and engaging for fans while providing a return on investment for the sponsoring brand. For example, JHE developed a custom mobile screen for The Sprint  Experience which featured tailored video content, a customized widget wall, social media and interactive games to keep fans engaged. 

“In my 30 years in television, I can count on one hand the organizations in which I have 100% confidence in,” says Fox Sports 1 senior vice president of production and network operations Rick Miner. “JHE is one of them. No matter the scope of the task, the lead time or the complexity of the project, they deliver every time. Fox Sports 1’s phenomenal ‘on-site’ growth would not have been possible without them. JHE has not only actualized my vision but exceeded all my expectations.”

JHE’s drivers are “some of the best in the industry,” capable of executing what many would consider impossible on a regular basis. Usually the first ones in on the experiential side and the last ones out, the team is responsible for transporting and maneuvering each display from event to event. The fleet team was recognized for their excellence in 2012 with a 10-year partnership anniversary award from Southeastern National Lease.

In addition, the fleet team designs, plans, coordinates, executes and officiates the Freightliner Run Smart Challenge each year which JHE developed in 2007 when Freightliner executives decided to honor those responsible for transporting each NASCAR Sprint Cup team’s precious cargo from race to race. The challenge tests drivers’ skills and safety in maneuvering the massive machines for a chance to win prize money.

JHE’s Mobile Tour Department By The Numbers:

  • In 2012 alone, more than one million fans visited the Fox Sports 1 and Sprint Unlimited Experience displays at 38 NASCAR events.
  • The Sprint Unlimited Experience, a 100-by-120 foot display, features the largest mobile screen in the country, a 32-by-18 foot HD screen.
  • The Supercross on Fox Sports 1 display features an interactive marketing tent and a 45-foot jumbotron screen for live broadcasting.  
  • The Aaron’s display features a storefront built with trusses that reach a peak of 32-feet.
  • In 2012, more than 770,000 miles were traveled, 46 states were visited and the amount of fuel consumed exceeded 168,000 gallons.
  • The JHE fleet team travels a minimum of 38 weeks a year for numerous experiential activation displays, opening ceremonies, hospitality programs and special concerts. The total tour requires on average 18 tractors and trailers.
  • JHE’s fleet team currently consists of 22 full-time and 25 to 30 part-time CDL drivers and the on-the-road inventory consists of 48 tractor-trailers and 28 smaller trucks and trailers.