Meet the Team- Brad Stokes

November 04, 2019


It’s time to meet another one of our CSM Production team members!  This month our Meet the Team Monday features Brad Stokes one of our Logistics Coordinators.

1.     What has been your favorite event you’ve worked at CSM Production?

I like the IMSA circuit, but my favorite event is New Hampshire Trackside Live. 

2.     What places are on your travel bucket list?

Mississippi to learn more about my Native heritage, and someplace tropical like Bora Bora.

3.     What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

If you don't do for yourself, nobody else will.

4.     What useless facts do you know?

You can't lay asphalt below freezing. 

5.     What is your favorite part about working at CSM Production?

Being a contributing factor and bringing substance to the table.

6.     Favorite snack?

Keebler Fudge stick

7.     Favorite movie?

Brave Heart 

8.     Favorite sports team?

Not really a team, but favorite sports are Drag Racing and Bull Riding.

9.     Favorite Charlotte restaurant?

Hickory Tavern 

10.  Favorite weekend getaway?

Savannah, GA

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