July 09, 2012

Since JHE’s beginning, May has been the benchmark month for the company. We have more projects in more venues than any other time of year.

The NASCAR Sprint All-Star week in Charlotte is what separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls. One of the marquee events is the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race opening ceremony. In a matter of minutes a race track that moments ago was filled with race cars is transformed into a rock show style spectacle complete with video walls, pyrotechnics, live audio, and all of the pomp and circumstance that should accompany a pro-sports all-star event.

In the months leading up to the show, all of the artwork and video designs are rendered for approval. The print materials are sized, drawn, proofed, and printed to fit the client’s standards. The video portion goes through a similar process, but often the final versions are not able to be fully completed until within days of the show.

Once the physical aspects of the stages are decided, we map out the technical plan including cable paths for the video, lighting, audio, and communication lines. The main goal is to provide the necessary data to the required locations on the stages and have them powered up and with signal in minutes. In addition, it would be impossible to move the stage into place for the show as one piece since it is approximately 150 feet long and more than 20 feet wide. So instead it rolls out as seven separate main pieces that need to be connected with assorted signal cables once it is in place.

Early in the week, the technical guys load the video walls, speaker stacks, communication drops, and lighting fixtures. Once this is done and signal paths are checked, it is ready for show time.

When the Sprint Showdown checkered flag flies, a dozen technical members connect the various cables and wires needed for the speakers, lights and videos within five minutes or less.

The NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race opening ceremony joins several events during those two weeks including Food Lion Speed Street, NASCAR Hall of Fame Voting Day, Speedway Children’s Charity Gala, and the Coca-Cola 600.

These two weeks in May highlight the critical nature of what we do and how imperative it is to have a well-organized plan, talented team members and a passion that surpasses all expectations.

See you next time,
The Brad

NASCAR All Star, Pit Crew Challenge, Food Lion Speed Street