March 14, 2014

Jordan Black joined JHE as a full-time employee one year ago and is quickly making a name for himself. Black sat down to share his first impression of the event experience company, his favorite memories so far and his secret for success.

It’s a small world. During a business class at Belmont Abbey, I came for a tour at JHE. At the time, I had no idea what the company was or what they did. A few months later, a friend of mine said the same company we had just toured had some contractor work available. I figured why not give it a try, see what it’s like and make a little money.

Fast forward to today: I am a full-time employee who just celebrated my one-year anniversary with a promotion. When I was first hired, I worked in a more specialized role on the Ford, Aaron’s and Kobalt displays. With my recent promotion to senior operations coordinator, I have taken on more responsibility as lead ops on some jobs while learning the transition to pre-race.

What immediately drew me to JHE was the fast-paced environment. While you have to know what you are doing, it keeps things interesting because no two days are the same. I also really enjoy the team-oriented culture.

While I’ve had a lot of great experiences over the last year, working the MotoGP event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one that really stands out. I’ve always liked motorcycles and loved seeing what happened behind the scenes. I’ll also never forget the first pre-race event I worked at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I’d heard everyone at JHE talk about the experience for months but to see it come together in person gave me a whole new level of respect for the entire team.

This job has also helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. On a few occasions, we needed a MC at the Kobalt or Aaron’s display, and I had to step up. Once I did it a few times, I really fell in love with it!

To succeed at JHE, I think you have to not be afraid to step out of your boundaries. Be willing to take any responsibility you are given in hopes that you might learn something new. And that is what I am most looking forward to in my second year at the company; I can’t wait to learn and try new things as I work with opening ceremony production for the first time. Here’s to another great year at JHE!

– Jordan Black

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