April 19, 2015

For nine years, JHE executed IndyCar opening ceremonies before the series took production in-house in 2011. In 2014, the sport returned to the event production company to handle operations for pre-race entertainment which includes orchestrating the national anthem, coordinating flyovers, managing musical talent and overall run of show.

This year, the opening ceremonies stage received a fresh new look which debuted March 29. Here is a look at JHE’s work, by the numbers:

  • JHE will attend 14 IndyCar races in 2015.
  • The team will produce 14 opening ceremonies and 14 post-race shows.
  • On average, nine team members travel for each race stop.
  • The new stage took approximately five months to plan.
  • Approximately 15 renderings were created in the process of designing the final stage’s look.
  • Two trucks travel to each race, one office transporter and one stage trailer.
  • More than 150 pounds of confetti will fly for IndyCar post-race shows this season.
  • JHE will travel to 10 states, includingCalifornia three times plus Canada once.
  • The stage consists of approximately three tons of steel, four tons of aluminum and four hydraulic rams.

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