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July 21, 2012

On June 5, long-time partner Southeastern National Lease awarded JHE a 10-year partnership anniversary award, which reminded us how critical the fleet team is to the overall success of JHE’s mission.

So we thank the 24 full-time, CDL-qualified men who travel approximately 700,000 miles a year through 46 states.

The NASCAR fleet team travels at a minimum of 38 weeks a year for numerous experiential activation displays, opening ceremonies, hospitality programs and special concerts. The total NASCAR tour requires on average 18 tractors and trailers.

And let’s not forget our bulls on the PBR tour ... the 28-week tour has a dedicated fleet team for its rigorous schedule.

In addition, JHE has the privilege to work on several special events each year which require a talented team to deliver the equipment to places such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, Florida, Chicago and Charlotte.

The fleet team’s success is in large part due to the amazing partners including Southeastern National Lease, Penske, Michelin Tires, Freightliner and Trimble. 

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