September 11, 2012

Ann Nestor has a successful track record of event planning experience. From the pools of USA Diving to the race tracks of NASCAR to various corporate hospitality functions, she has the experience to deliver exceptional client experiences within a diverse array of environments.

Before joining JHE in 2012, the Pennsylvania native spent four years as a vital member of the USA Diving management team. Nestor served as an events and programs coordinator as well as a finance and operations coordinator. Obtaining this diverse experience has allowed her the opportunity to learn the administrative aspects of running a business from human resources, operations, insurance management and accounting. Most recently at USA Diving, she was responsible for event planning and management inclusive of national and regional diving meets, budgeting, competitive rules and more.

Nestor graduated from Ohio State University with a Master of Arts in sport and exercise management and a Bachelor of Science in sport and leisure studies.


Q. What’s your role at JHE?

A. I am an event coordinator in the Special Events department.


Q. What’s been the most surprising thing about JHE?

A. I’m still amazed at how many things we’re capable of as a company. I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here just by being exposed to all of the different services we offer. And everyone is a team player – I think its great how we all pitch in to help get things accomplished!


Q. When looking back at the Charlotte in 2012 media party, what were you most excited about? What was the biggest challenge?

A. I was really excited to see the entire event come together. There were so many different things going on at the same time – a DJ playing at Butter, aerialists hanging from the ceiling at Silver Hammer Studios, and food trucks parked in the Time Warner Cable amphitheater, to name a few – and it was great to see everything go off without a hitch.

The worst-quickly turned-best moment of the event happened two hours prior to the start of the event. A huge storm blew through the NC Music Factory, ripping up signage, blowing over hundreds of feet of bike fence, and left us all soaked for the rest of the night. But thankfully, the event’s 100+ volunteers were arriving at that time. We asked about thirty of them to come help us, and with their help, we were able to lift 500-feet sections of bike fence back into place and start the event on schedule!


Q. What makes you or your colleagues good at your job?

A. Our Special Events department is great at working together. I think we all bring different strengths and ideas to the table so if we ever need help with something, someone in our department will have a solution.


Q. Your previous experience was with USA Diving. Did you watch the Olympics and if so, who were you pulling for to earn a medal?

A. I was glued to the TV during the Olympics! I know all of the divers who represented the USA, and it was wonderful to see so many of them have great success, especially after such a long medal drought for our country. I also had a high school volleyball teammate, Christa Harmotto, playing for Team USA. It was amazing to watch her represent our country!


Q. From your time with USA Diving, what experiences have you been able to enact here at JHE?

A. Before I worked as an event coordinator at USA Diving, I actually served as the finance and operations coordinator. I handled all of the day-to-day accounting, budgets, and HR. Having to build budgets for a non-profit organization was really challenging but was great experience to gain for the rest of my career. Because of that experience, I’m really conscious about building budgets and planning out event spending.


Q. What’s your favorite sport?

A. My favorite sport to watch is football, but my favorite sport to play is volleyball. I played from 7th grade through college, and then played 2-3 nights a week in adult co-ed leagues while I was living in Indianapolis. I hope to find a competitive league here in Charlotte!


Q. Best quote?

A. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” I’m a big believer that when you travel or are in a new city, it’s really important to try new things and try to experience the area like locals. I always try to look for a local restaurant that’s off the beaten path or one that specializes in local cuisine. I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to food, so I’m usually up for just about anything!

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