December 06, 2013

For the past six years, Krissie Newman has worked closely with the JHE team on various Ryan Newman Foundation events.

Wearing many hats, the New Jersey-native is the vice president of Ryan Newman Motorsports and president of the Rescue Ranch. Her responsibilities include working with the team on Ryan’s schedule, licensing approvals, day-to-day motor sports activities, fundraising events, securing sponsorships and funding, meeting with potential donors and taking are of rescue animals. But her most important job? “Being a mom to two beautiful little girls,” she says.

The holidays are a particularly busy time for the Shippensburg University grad. The Ryan Newman Foundation recently was a part of the Harmony and Blowing Rock Christmas parades and had pet and child portrait opportunities with Santa at the Rescue Ranch. She is also looking ahead to the Ryan Newman Foundation/Rescue Ranch annual dinner and finishing tournament and “Lock and Load for Land” events.

Newman took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to sit down with the JHE team for a Q&A session …

Q&A with Krissie:

  • Tell us about the Rescue Ranch. Why was this so important to you? I was being pulled in so many different directions with animal rescue and the foundation that I didn’t feel like I was making a big enough impact with everything I was doing. I drafted Rescue Ranch in my brain three years ago. I feel this will be the best way to make the biggest impact on the communities and be an example for other educational animal rescue organizations with a conservation component. It will be the only facility of its kind on the East Coast.
  • Why did Ryan and you decide to start your charitable organization? In 2005, I received a letter from a young girl while attending the Martinsville race. She asked me to help her with a problem that I was seeing everywhere – there were too many animals being euthanized and strays were abundant. This girl and her family had 15 of their own animals they were struggling to care for and she wanted to help them and save them from being euthanized. Ryan and I had long conversations about how to help spread the word of spay/neuter, the sad epidemic of overpopulation and responsible pet ownership. We started the RNF in 2005 and everything grew from there.
  • What is the best lesson from college that still applies to your job? Time management.
  • What is the best career advice you ever received? Be confident in what you do and why you are doing it. Always go back to the root of why you are doing something if you start to stray or struggle from what you are trying to accomplish.
  • What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Getting the Rescue Ranch education building up and running.
  • What is the biggest myth about your job? It is glamorous.
  • Why did you choose your career path? I have a passion for helping others and animals. I am able to do both through the foundation and Rescue Ranch.
  • What is the best part of working with JHE? They make my life easier. They are organized and things are simple and seamless when we do an event together.
  • What has most impressed you about JHE? The creativity and wonderful people we have worked with over the past few years.

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Krissie:

  • I spend my weekends… with my kids, at the race track or taking care of the animals at Rescue Ranch.
  • The one person I’ve always wanted to meet is… Scott Stevens, a retired New Jersey hockey player.
  • I am inspired by… Mike Arms, president of Helen Woodward Animal Center – San Diego.
  • My family is… my backbone.
  • My favorite sport is… hockey.
  • My favorite vacation to date was to… Turks and Caicos with some friends and family. It was so relaxing and gave me energy to come back and focus again.
  • The product that should be invented is… cloning.
  • My favorite quote is… “The future depends on what we do in the present.” – Gandhi
  • My runner-up career was… adesigner or a wedding planner.
  • I don’t leave home without… my phone.

Keep up with Krissie on Twitter at @newmankrissie.

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