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May, 01, 2012

Happy May,

Around the JHE offices May is a sacred time of year. For the past 25 years May has always represented sleep deprivation, and poor eating habits, but it is happily our busiest time of the year. With that being said I thought that May 1st would be the perfect time to begin the JHE blog and give you some insight as to what a small event production company from Charlotte was capable of producing. In upcoming blogs, we will explore many different events across the country - from the Grand Opening at the NASCAR Hall of Fame to the Jay Z concert at Yankee Stadium. Our employees produce events from various industries around the country and enjoy bringing passion and new ideas to each and every opportunity

 The Month of May

The beginning of the year has started like an Olympic sprinter and has yet to let up. The event that sticks out the most for me so far was my first trip to the NBA Jam Session which was held at the Orange County Convention Center in February. The Jam Session is the only special event the NBA produces that allows any fan with $20 to walk off the street and become a part of the excitement. Event organizers are focused on ensuring that every patron in attendance has a quality experience from shooting some hoops, meeting athletes, or soaking up the NBA brand. I was most impressed by the small fan engagement opportunities the NBA had designed for sponsorship sales. There was a Spalding-branded area where fans could see how their handprint stacked up against stars like Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony. There were other areas that measured height and shoe size and compared it against NBA players.


The NBA did a terrific job and without a doubt I will be copying a couple of their ideas, like the amazing entrance to the event (I can't tell you more or else you won't be surprised when you come to my next event).


That’s enough for now, I need to get back to work and remember that the best motorsports festival in the world, Food Lion Speed Street, is only 24 days away. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.



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