February 27, 2014

Two years ago, Carrie Ryan was searching for a change with an exciting, challenging new opportunity. That’s when she joined JHE as the manager of creative services. Today, she has become an integral part of the department, helping to manage work flow for the graphic designers, participating in brainstorming sessions for new events, obtaining quotes for upcoming projects, creating and managing signage grids and placing all signage orders.

The Delaware-native previously worked at NASCAR as a receptionist, NASCAR Media Group as an archive assistant and Boscov’s as an administrative assistant. She graduated from Wilmington University with a major in general studies.

Q&A with Carrie:

  • What is the most important lesson you’ve learned at JHE? Always expect the unexpected. Be prepared because anything can happen at any time.
  • What is the accomplishment at JHE you are most proud of? Winning the 2013 Unsung Hero Award at the holiday party. I’m thankful that I work with such amazing people and am humbled to receive the award.
  • What is the hardest part about preparing for the Daytona 500? The magnitude of the Speedweeks is daunting. We have all of our departments and most of our employees working on various events throughout the two weeks so the creative services team is busy! The most difficult part of preparing for the Daytona 500 is really planning the work flow, managing time constraints, and ensuring everything is ordered and gets to Daytona without forgetting any one project or piece of signage.
  • What is your best memory at JHE so far? The 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series All-Star Race. I was involved with this project from stage concept to completion over the course of more than four months and seeing the final outcome was awesome. I also had a very tiny role during opening ceremonies, helping to lay more than 150-feet of carpet, which I had never done before. The entire pre-race went off without a hitch which made all of the long hours and hard work worth it.
  • What’s your secret to success?I’m a list maker. At any one time, I have at least 10 lists on my desk, both electronic and handwritten, and about five sticky notes. When work is crazy busy, I like to come to work before 6 a.m. because there is no one else in the office.
  • What is the best part of working at JHE? The employees and the culture; we are truly one big family. Everyone at JHE is willing to help each other out and that sense of camaraderie is important. We have fun at work and on the weekends but when it’s go time, we all pull together to make each event as successful as possible.

Seven Things You May Not Know About Carrie...

  1. My first job was…a camp counselor at a YMCA day camp. I worked there for six straight summers. It was a great experience because interacting with children prepares you for any future job you’ll ever have in life.
  2. I relieve stress by…cursing. I have been complimented on turning swearing into an art form.
  3. My family is…my life. I talk to my sister Kelly every single day. I’m lucky to have wonderful parents too; the four of us still vacation together once a year and see each other every few months.
  4. My guilty pleasure is…TV. I will get sucked into (original) Law & Order marathons, reality shows (almost any show on Bravo) and HGTV.
  5. My favorite vacation yet was to…the Bahamas. Great snorkeling and fishing, fantastic beaches, friendly people and the laid back lifestyle.
  6. My favorite quote is… “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”
  7. Anything else people should know about you? I am obsessed with sharks. My bucket list includes swimming with whale sharks in the Caribbean Ocean and cage diving with Great Whites in South Africa.

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