2017 Dog and Pony Awards Show

January 02, 2018

CSM Production is proud to announce this year’s “Dog and Pony” awards winners who exemplify our values.

New for 2017, the Collaboration Award recognizes a person that keeps the overarching business top of mind and is committed to connecting the dots within the CSM North America family of companies.

  • 2017 Winner: Jeff Gajewski

The Customer Service Award salutes the individual and/or team who goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver excellent customer service within the company.

  • 2017 Winner: Creative Services Team – Carrie Brown, James Raven, Meredith Rogers, Jessica Yarab-Watt and Justin Bobbit

The Unsung Hero Award recognizesa person that simply makes things happen every day without much fanfare.

  • 2017 Winner: Michelle Phillips

With an unwavering loyalty and commitment to our mission, the Bert Award honors an individual who is excited to come to work and shares that enthusiasm each day.

  • 2017 Winner: Greg Smith

The Vision and Passion Award honors an individual that continually goes above and beyond to ensure our products and client service are excellent.

  • 2017 Winner: Brandon Stegall

The Best Save Award honors the action(s) that were implemented to rescue an event or activity from having a really bad day.

  • 2017 Winner: Bret Michaels and the Bandit 
  • Why? Two hours before the concert and two hours from the concert venue, CSM Production’s Brad Smith and Darlington’s Deputy Sherriff pulled off a last-minute effort to miraculously get Bret Michaels and band to the performance on time.


Other memorable moments from the night included…

Recognizing CSM Production Loyalty: CSM Production’s “people first” philosophy is evident in all we do. At the Dog and Pony Awards, Jay Howard recognized Carrie Brown, Lyle Eden, Cody Kauffman, Ann Nestor, Erin Nosker, Nate Poirier and Joe Sullivan for five years of service. For 10 years of service, Brian Hancock, Ryan Martin, Ash Munro, James Raven, Greg Smith, Kristin Thompson and Lisa Ward were presented with black bus trophies and personalized CSM Production guitars. Celebrating 15 years of service at CSM Production was Ronnie Oehler who also is retiring. Thank you for 15 great years, Ronnie. Reaching her 20-year mark in 2017 was Jacqueline Gafrarar. Congratulations!

The Newest Family Members: JayHoward welcomed the newest additions to the CSM Production family: Emma Marguerite Dempsey, daughter of Ashley and Sean Dempsey; Jack David Showler, son of Evan Showler and Cheri Ford; and Guy Joseph & Linslee Danielle Eden, son and daughter of Lyle and Kristen Eden. Howard presented each proud parent with a certificate of deposit for their child’s future education.

The Safe Driver award was given to Eddie White for his safe-driving record and performance in 2017. Congratulations!

A Tribute to 30 Years

The CSM Production team surprised Jay Howard with several tributes throughout the evening to commemorate his 30 years in business. His reaction was priceless.  

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