10 Questions with Sam Murphy

September 20, 2017

Three hundred sixty-five days goes by fast when you’re having fun! On Aug. 1, 2016, Sam Murphy joined CSM as a coordinator on the technical production team. His passion for audio video production was evident by his prior resume which included time at XL MediaWorks and AE Production Services.

The Charlotte native loves this work so much that he volunteers his services when not rocking out with his band at a nearby concert venue. Grab a chair and saddle up to 10 questions with Sam.

What movie (or show) can you watch over and over again without ever getting tired of it?

Definitely, Family Guy. It’s just my kind of humor, and I always catch new jokes that I missed the first time around.

If you could be president for a day, what would you do?

Oh man… Politics… I would spend the day looking for someone more qualified for the job than myself…

What exactly does your job at CSM entail?

My job consists of transferring as much coffee from the Keurig to the toilet as possible. Hahahaha. But really, my responsibilities are anything having to do with the set-up, deployment, maintenance, operation, etc. of our audio, video, lighting, staging, power or rigging equipment. Setting up a mobile concert stage with a full audio and lighting package, mixing campaign rallies, putting up a few lights in a meeting room, building projection screens and projector towers. I like variety in what I do, and I definitely get that here.

Tell us about the band you are in.

The band I am in is called Reaves. We are a four-piece, pop-rock band based out of Belmont, N.C. We recently started playing more shows around Charlotte, and we’ve even had some air time on the local radio station, 106.5. We’d love to see you at one of our shows!

Who’s your top pick as an up-and-coming artist?

My top pick as an up-and-coming artist would have to be Colony House. Though they’ve been a touring band for about a decade, they’ve only recently made it into the national touring circuit. Their songwriting, musicianship and showmanship is just incredible, and they’re great dudes.

In your free time, you sound mix at Elevation Church. Why do you like doing this?

I enjoy mixing audio at Elevation and many other churches because audio isn’t just my job, it’s a passion. I love mixing live bands. It’s like playing one big instrument. I got my start as an audio tech and engineer in church. I was even playing in church worship bands at a young age, as well. So, I feel as though I have a good idea of and an ear for what modern worship music should feel and sound like.

Who taught you to play guitar?

I can’t really accredit any one person to teaching me how to play. I never had any formal lessons. It was a combination of influence from friends, bandmates, family and a lot of YouTube videos. It’s something that you never reach the pinnacle of, as you’re always learning and growing as a player and musician.

What’s your goal with music?

My goal with music is really just to enjoy it and have fun playing, writing and listening. I would love to tour at some point with my current band, but for now, it’s just a hobby with my closest friends.

Most memorable experience at CSM Production thus far?

I would have to say the David Crowder show at Hendrick Motorsports. I had the privilege of mixing monitors for that event, which was a blast in itself. But, what made it memorable was getting to take a tour of Rick Hendrick’s private car collection garage with the band and crew. There were over 200 cars in that place! I grew up around racecars, old cars and hotrods, so that was definitely one to remember.

What question should we ask the next 10 questions participant?

What makes CSM different from other places you’ve been employed?


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