10 Questions with Jeremy Callahan

November 27, 2017

A nine-year veteran at CSM Production, Jeremy Callahan has made his mark on the event production company. Born and raised in New York, the Leo is a manager on the experiential operations team deploying complex and brand-driven consumer experiences nationwide.

In 2016 at the Dog and Pony Awards show, his peers recognized Jeremy with the honorable Bert Award, an award that honors an employee’s commitment and loyalty to the CSM Production family.

Not only is he a great guy, but Jeremy also is co-founding RBI for Kids, a soon-to-be-established nonprofit that provides underprivileged children in inner cities with baseball equipment that is otherwise unaffordable. Through donations and fundraisers, Jeremy and team hope to kick start this initiative in spring 2018.

Get to know the Yankees fan who sports his baseball passion with pride.

1.       At the 2016 Dog and Pony Awards, you were honored with the Bert Award. What did that mean to you?

For the first time, I wasn’t able to attend the Dog and Pony Awards due to a family visit. But when Jay called, I was blown away that so many people felt that way towards me. Ever since working here at CSM Production, I’ve always tried to show my love and passion for this job.

2.      You wear two bracelets. What’s the significance of each?

The green bracelet I wear was for my ex-girlfriend who was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2011. Our first Golfing 4 Good was for her. Wearing the bracelet is a reminder that it can actually happen to anyone.

The black one with a blue stripe is in honor of my best friend from New York who is a cop.  I never take them off.

3.      A Yankees fan … why?

I’m a diehard Yankees fan! Since first grade, my dad would take my brothers and I out of school on a Friday to travel the 2.5 hours to Yankee Stadium. It was a big deal and memories I will never forget.

4.      Tell us the story of you, your dad and brother starting the Lightening Bat Company.

Baseball is the thing I am most passionate about, whether playing, coaching, teaching or just watching a nine-inning game on TV.

One day, my dad, brother and I came up with the idea to try and make some bats. We had all of the resources and very little idea of how much time goes into making one. We had a summer house in the Adirondacks that had plenty of wood like Maple and Adirondack Ash. So, my dad bought a lathe and from there, he honed his skills. It took two years to master the skill of a grade A bat. The three of us came up with the name the Lightening Bat Company.

These bats were so good we used them all through high school and summer baseball. My best friend was drafted by the Kansas City Royals and used them through his professional career.

5.      You are crazy passionate about your dogs. Tell us about them.

I love my dogs very, very much. I think anyone who owns dogs can relate to the love we have for them. Brooklyn is 8 years old, a Boxer husky mix and my first child. Bronx is a 7-year-old Pitbull Presa and was the runt of the litter (now 75 pounds strong), but we immediately had a connection. The two dogs are inseparable.

6.      What do you do at CSM Production?

I am a manager in the experiential operations department. When a new or existing client needs an experiential display, we are responsible for the fabrication work, building the display, on-site operations and making the vision come to life. It takes a special person to do what we do, but I love the behind-the-scenes work.

7.      If you could live anywhere in the world. Where would it be?

Some island that is secluded with great weather and all you can hear are ocean waves.

8.      This January, you celebrated your ninth anniversary at CSM. What’s the best memory when you reflect on your time here?

The best memory is the group of people that we work with. We are like a family; a tight-knit group.

9.     Where are you from? What made Schenectady a unique place to grow up?

I am from Schenectady, New York, which is about 10 minutes from Albany. As a kid, we lived really close to school which meant I could play every day there with all the neighborhood kids. 

10.   What question should we ask the next 10 questions participant?

What brought you to CSM Production and is this where you thought you would be at this time?


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