10 Questions with Jay Howard

May 18, 2018

Today, Jay Howard finally takes the “hot seat” with 10 questions. With a variety of events on his resume, he still seeks the goose bump moments that the CSM Production team continues to deliver. 

The three primary loves of his life – Kim, Jay Jay and Grace – keep him busy enough, but then add in a growing 80-person staff that fall under his long-time mantra of people first, and you’ve got a successful and productive leader on your hands.

Not to remind our boss of his age, but the upcoming Coca-Cola 600 will be his 38th (when he started it was then the World 600) and 33rd as managing producer.

We asked the CSM Production staff who have been with Jay for 10 or more years to fire away with this month’s 10 questions (we couldn’t actually stop with 10 so enjoy).

  1. What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage? Moscow Mule
  2. What’s your favorite vacation spot? Pinehurst and Blowing Rock
  3. First pet?  Opey. He was the first “child” for Kim and me.
  4. How many pets? At the present hour, five horses, a pony, a mini horse, a mini donkey, four dogs, and some cats.
  5. If concerns of money and laws are removed, what would be the next addition to your menagerie? Kim and I in the mountains or on the coast with good golf and a horse (in someone else’s barn).
  6. Has there been one single project that has changed the direction of the company more so than others?  In 1996 when the 600 Festival hired us, it allowed me to grow to a staff of two. NASCAR Trackside was our next big project that changed the direction of our company in 2004.
  7. What has been your proudest professional moment?  Pit Crew Challenge … we created it, promoted it and produced it.
  8. Of all of the celebrities that you have rubbed elbows with, which were you most excited to meet as a fan?  Arnold Palmer
  9. What drives you to continue working after all of these years? Seeing great people do great things
  10. If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning medal for?  Afraid I know a little about a lot of things but haven’t mastered anything that would put me in medal consideration.
  11. What’s your favorite golf course to play? Pinehurst #2
  12. What’s been your favorite golf tournament to go watch? Masters
  13. Besides Bert, which pet is your favorite? All the others are tied for second. Kim would say Maybelline, one of our Chihuahuas.
  14. What would your words of advice be to the new/younger workers entering CSM? Always be there for your teammates, collaboration is exponentially powerful – live and work within the culture of Positive, Open, & Responsive.
  15. What was your favorite personal trip you have ever taken?  Hawaii with the family
  16. What question should we ask the next 10 questions participant?  What event is on your bucket list as an attendee?
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