10 Questions with Hazel Pacion

July 26, 2017

A recent graduate of Central Michigan University, Hazel Pacion joined CSM Production in April 2017 as our travel and production administrator. The Michigan native previously worked in corporate partnerships and sales at Michigan International Speedway and Phoenix International Raceway and also produced and directed Central Michigan University’s Threads Fashion Show for four years.

We wanted to get to know the girl who loves Banana Oreo ice cream and caught up with her for 10 questions. 


What is your role at CSM?

I am the production and travel administrator. In a nutshell, I book all of the travel for teams that go out for events, shows, races, etc. From flights, rental cars, hotel bookings or troubleshooting any issues that take place while they are in other places. I also schedule all of our equipment and labor rentals along with purchase orders for equipment. Anyone needs a generator, I handle it. Someone needs a rental car, I’ve got it! I also manage our Deployment Grid each week which lists all the events for seven days. It shows the different states, cities and events taking place; along with showing who is traveling to each place. It gives us a count of how many people are out on the road at one time.

You decide to leave for lunch and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What three things would you do?

  1. I’d first pay off my student loans and pay my parents back every cent they put into my college tuition. I’d probably give them extra since they’ve been great parents my whole life.
  2. I’d also buy a new car, nothing fancy, just one on my own that I can pay off 100 percent right away and not have payments.
  3. I’d probably invest another chunk of it into creating a dance program at an athletic center/gym of some sort. It’s almost only a Michigan sport, but I loved coaching Pom Pon when I was in Michigan. I was coaching a team before I moved, and although I don’t regret moving at all and I love living here, it did break my heart to leave the team after getting so attached to them. The only good thing about not being their coach now is I can be friends with them on social media and I couldn’t as a coach. So, I’d love to open up a studio/program for a competitive Pom Pon team in Charlotte if I had the money, ability and time to do it.

You joined CSM Production a few months back in one of the busiest seasons of the year. What did you learn quickly?

I learned quickly that I can never share enough information. It’s one thing to just book a flight and make sure they get their confirmation number but when booking travel so far in advance I’ve learned to remind travelers a week ahead of departure so they remember.

I also learned to ask the random questions. Coming into a new roll and having so many people in and out of the office constantly wasn’t easy to catch them in passing. But I learned that when I need information, everyone is very happy to explain things or go over something if I don’t understand it. There is a lot of different lingo used around the office or when talking about events and what’s needed so at times I felt very lost and started just asking and accepting that I’m new and I have to just ask or else I’ll never learn it.

Harvick is the newest addition to your family. What does he do that makes you laugh?

When he was smaller he used to love hiding under things. At one point, he would run around my house and slide on the hardwood floors. He would run and dive under the couch and stay there, or he’d continue sliding out the other end of the couch. He can’t fit anymore which is funny because he still tries and doesn’t understand that he doesn’t fit.

Probably another thing he does that’s funny is just how clumsy he can be. I know it’s because he’s only a puppy and doesn’t understand gravity yet. But he’ll walk on the edge of my couch and he’ll slip and a few times he’s gone down, but I’ve caught him multiple times. He also will run after a ball if I throw it, and he’ll be going so fast he can’t stop and he just does somersaults over it.

He’s a funny puppy so far.

Where would you go in a time machine?

In a time machine … hmm. I think right now I’d go back to the day I got Harvick. He was just so small and innocent. Now he chews on me and is definitely a trouble maker most of the time. But I just miss when he was super small. I could carry him in one hand. He’s gotten so big so fast. Plus I wish I had taken a photo of him each week to show how much he’s grown over the last month of having him.

Two words that describe this organization?

This is extremely hard to just pick two words … I’d have to go with magical and scientific.

Who inspires you personally or professionally?

Of course, I’d say my parents because I love them, and my grandparents are the best people I know. But outside of family I have two big idols.

First is Kacee Must. She owns Citizen Yoga in Royal Oak, Michigan. She also has a studio in Detroit, Michigan, and just opened a third studio in Bloomfield, Michigan. I met Kacee last July when I went to yoga at the Detroit Zoo. It was a blast. Kacee and her studio teachers were so much fun to be around and had such a positive energy and meaning behind why they do what they do. I look up to Kacee personally and professionally because she’s someone who has that contagious personality and contagious happy feeling. She’s been a saint in helping me through some stressful days and always made a point to get to know her yoga students. I wasn’t there every week, but I tried to be and I always made a point to stop in and chat. She has such an amazing outlook on life and the way the world works. She’s someone who would do anything to help another person no matter who it is. She preaches the art of letting go and doing what’s best for yourself and makes little things in life just that, little. But she also appreciates everything around her. She constantly thanks her students for believing in what she’s trying to do. Citizen Yoga is all about the sense of belonging and how as humans that’s all we want – to belong somewhere and have meaning there. She constantly gets her students involved with workshops, retreats, teacher training, etc. She’s definitely someone I look up to on a lot of levels.

Second is Sophia Bush.Ask any one of my friends who my woman crush Wednesday is – they’d all say Sophia. She’s all over my social media from reposting her things or preaching how great she is. I’ve loved her since I watched One Tree Hill years ago when it was still on TV. I still own all nine seasons and watch them sometimes. But I’ve just looked up to her for how involved she is in our world. I don’t get into politics so that’s the only thing I don’t follow with her. But she’s involved in so many charities. She goes over to different countries every year to help young girls learn and become empowered to do more. Or to just teach them skills, school subjects. She also donates like crazy. Every year she does a spring cleaning auction and gives more than half the proceeds to different charities. She’s also adopted three pit bulls in Chicago which I love since I’ve had pit bulls growing up. I had one in college, who now lives with my parents.

Overall, I love these two women because of their outlook on life and their ability to live so peacefully without disturbing anyone or without doing things they don’t want to do. They have such kind hearts who would help anyone and love giving back to the communities in which they live or believe in.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

I’d be a blue crayon; maybe teal since Tiffany Blue was always my favorite color growing up or Peacock Blue since that was the color for the Pom Pon team I coached in Michigan. I’ve also loved Royal Blue as long as I can remember. At one point in college, I bought anything and everything I could find in Royal Blue.

You are originally from Michigan. What might people not know about the state that you love?

I get made fun of all the time and even some of the ops guys tell Beau and I, “People from Michigan love to talk about how much they love their home state; yet everyone leaves.” My only response is just that I can’t handle the winters. The summers in Michigan are BEAUTIFUL!

Something that most people might not know about Michigan … it’s home to the sport of Pom Pon which doesn’t exist outside of Michigan (yes, it’s different than cheerleading and dance).

I’m not super religious, but I think a cool part about Michigan is it’s home to the largest Crucifix in the world. The Cross in the Woods stands at 31 feet high.

Plus, we can show you where we’re from using our hands! J

What question should we ask the next 10 questions participant?

If you were an ice cream flavor, which would you be and why?

I’d personally be Banana Oreo; my two favorites I often blend!


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